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Welcome on the pidgeon project pages


What is pidgeon

Pidgeon is an open source cross platform IRC client written in c# for linux, windows and mac. It looks native on windows and even on linux, thanks to GTK libraries. The project is small and friendly, anyone is welcome to contribute!

This irc client is supposed to be a very native and "raw" client, therefore it's designed more for experienced users rather than newbies.

Purpose of this project is to create cross-platform robust irc client that is very extendable, open source and can fit to all needs of irc users, from simple using of irc to maintenance of irc networks and clouds. (It's possible to extend pidgeon to be adapted to a different protocol as well, such as XMPP).

Pidgeon is supposed to be compatible with quassel core, as soon as we get a solid documentation for their protocol, and is already compatible with alternative to quassel - pidgeon services.

Why pidgeon?

  • It is true open source that is controlled entirely by a community of people, no company - everyone can join and contribute to project
  • Pidgeon works on most platforms - including microsoft windows and linux
  • Pidgeon contains features that almost no other client does, such as pidgeon services, small chat and bash-like auto completion
  • Client itself has dozen of extensions that can be easily installed


Pidgeon on linux
Version 1.2 on Debian
Pidgeon on windows
Windows 7 running version 1.2


Latest version of pidgeon is


See Installation (Linux)

Debian / Ubuntu

Debian 32bit - package Debian amd64 - package

Ubuntu ppa

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:pidgeon/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install pidgeon


Separate binary releases are not supported. If you want to have pidgeon for a different distribution, you will need to build it yourself see Installing from source files


See Installation (Windows)

Important: Pidgeon requires mono or .Net version 4.0, if you don't have it on your computer, install it before you start pidgeon setup. Links: mono .Net 4.0

Installer - pidgeon_setup1.6.1.0.exe

Source code


See Installing from source files

Tarball of latest version (recommended)

All versions -


Services are now in alpha version, as such there is no binary release. Type the following in terminal to get a source code

$ git clone

Then you will need to compile it using monodevelop or visual studio

How to help

If you want to join us and help with the development of pidgeon, you are welcome! You don't need to meet any special criteria, just pick any task of volunteer and do what you like.

  • You can contribute as a developer
  • You can improve this wiki
  • You can translate pidgeon
  • You can help on our IRC channel
  • You can contribute as beta tester
  • You can suggest new features

It's a good idea that you join our irc channel, because that's a main way of communication between members of project

How to get support

We have an irc channel #pidgeonconnect on network. Just type /server to connect there