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Why pidgeon doesn't show bold text

It does, the bug was already fixed :)

How can I install pidgeon on linux

On Ubuntu or Debian, download .deb package and install it. Or follow the instructions for other distributions.

Why there are so few items in config

Because we are lazy to implement the interface for them in dialog. Pidgeon contains lot of options, but some can be changed only directly in configuration file, you can open in directly using Misc -> Configuration.

Is there autojoin in pidgeon


No, but you can script it


There is no autojoin and all clients that support it should be deleted and never used anymore. Seriously, it's a bad thing - join is event that shouldn't be automated, because it can become very annoying once your connection start lagging / you get automatically reconnected to server and rejoin all channels, and then again and again... people in channel are annoyed by seeing you quiting and joining and you very likely end up banned.

If you are tired of rejoin all channels after every connection, just script it! Create a text file which contains all the /join #channel lines and save it as a plain text "/home/user/join.pb" (or c:\users\user\join.pb)

then you can type

/pidgeon.batch /home/user/join.pb

still too complicated?

Bind it as a command! Open preferences and create a shortcut for this command, for example alt + j, so that you can one click auto rejoin all channels you want. It is simple and you still have control over when your client is joining the channels or not

Is there autocompletion in pidgeon




There is autocompletion but since pidgeon 1.0.9 it isn't part of core. Both installation packages contains autocompletion extension as default. If you are building pidgeon from source code, you will need to build this extension as well and copy it into modules folder.

How can I become a pidgeon developer


If you want to work on pidgeon, you can! Just fork our repo on github, make changes, and request a pull.


It's best to join #pidgeonconnect and ask for commiter access on our repository, so that you don't need to request pull everytime you want to contribute to this project. Anyone can contribute.

Is there any other way to contribute to this project

Of course, if you want to join us and help with the development of pidgeon, you are welcome! You don't need to meet any special criteria, just pick any task of volunteer and do what you like.

  • You can improve this wiki
  • You can help on our IRC channel
  • You can contribute as beta tester
  • You can suggest new features

There is nothing preventing you from doing that. If you need any help of advanced project member, see our channel #pidgeonconnect

What are pidgeon services


That is a bouncer that can be used with pidgeon


Pidgeon services extend pidgeon with same functionality as quassel core extends its client. It works other way though, but it provides same service. It's a very advanced bouncer that keeps traffic just as it happened including time and so and allow you to connect to unlimited number of networks using unlimited number of clients. You basically run services on some linux box and connect to it using pidgeon from any box you like to reconnect to same irc session. (It allows you to stay and watch irc when you are offline)

Where can I get pidgeon services


You need to compile them


They are not stable yet, so you need to clone the repository and build them yourself, see Download. Configuration may be tricky given to little documentation though.

Pidgeon services are downloading backlog for ages

That is because you have not done anything to make them fast. You should enable local disk caching - that will not ask for data you have already got in past, also if you don't want to use cache, or you want to speed up even that - you can lower the pidgeon.size option in configuration file but doing that will cause that you will only receive latest data from bouncer (old conversations will be skipped)

well optimized services look like this

  <!-- ============= SERVICES ============= -->
  <!--Size of backlog for services-->
  <data confname="pidgeon.size">200000</data>
  <!--If services are using local cache (incomparably faster)-->
  <data confname="services.usingcache">True</data>

the reason why cache is not enabled by default is that it's a new untested feature